Training and further education is the central concern of the Am Käferberg School and KITA.

All employees have additional training in Montessori or Emmi Pikler pedagogy or are in training for it. And they naturally have the required basic training. New employees can complete the additional training while working.

Infant group (22 childcare places)
Group leader, deputy leader of the management: Mevla
Co-educator: Bilge
Learner : Ines
Trainee: Gabriela

Kindergarten (18 childcare places)
Group leader: Jasmin
Co-educator: Gabriella
Learner : Melanie B.
Learner: Jonas

Primary school (21 children)
Group leader: Melanie G.
Primary teacher: Rosi
Co-educator: Harald
English: Anna (native speaker)
French: Sandrine (native speaker)
Music: Patricia Rüttimann
Swimming: Damaris

It is our task to accompany, support and challenge children on their way. This means taking them seriously in their childhood. The environment is adapted to the needs of the age group. In this way they can discover the world safely.

As director, I am personally here for you

Director am Kaeferberg

Natalie Lutz is a trained lawyer (lic. iur.) and head of school (CAS PHZH). She is also a qualified vocational school teacher (Master UZH) and school remedial teacher (MA HFH).

Since 2003 she has been in charge of Am Käferberg, School & KITA. Furthermore, she has worked as a teacher (ABU mbA) at the Technical Vocational School Zurich since 1997.

Natalie Lutz is a married mother of three. Her children are currently studying, in apprenticeship and in grammar school. All three grew up in Am Käferberg School and KITA.

“The door to learning opens from within”
Learning is an intrinsic process. For years I have been fascinated by how children and young people recognise their potential and learn to make the most of it. To accompany and support people is my daily routine.

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Director am Kaeferberg

Since the 2020/2021 school year, the school and KITA at Käferberg has been part of the Eco-Schoolsnetwork.

As an educational program, Eco-Schools promotes concrete measures for a more sustainable functioning of schools. At the same time, it puts education for sustainable development at the center by creating numerous references to curriculum 21.

The Eco-Committee brings together

  • Experts who support the school community with advice and expertise on the annual Eco-Schools
    project, and
  • School staff who, as the driving force, coordinate the implementation of the chosen measures and
  • Children at middle school (4th to 6th class)

Members of the Eco-Committee of the school and KITA am Käferberg

Anna McPherson leads the implementation of the Eco-School project with the primary school students.


Ursula Teubert is committed to sustainability as a parent representative and coordinates the eco-school programme.

With over 20 years of experience in research, development and innovation as a graduate mechanical engineer, she now supports organizations in the area of innovation and change management. She is very interested in sustainable systems and their implementation in everyday life and work.

“The future is not a stroke of fate, but the consequence of the decisions we make today.” (Franz Alt)


Ronny Jahnel is a trained chef and federal gastronomy manager with 20 years of international experience in the upscale gastronomy and hotel business. Furthermore, he will complete his further education as Dipl. Marketing & Sales Manager NDS HF in early 2021. He has already travelled to over 50 countries and combines his cultural experiences with the development of healthy and sustainable food concepts.

«Creating an awareness and respect for food is the cornerstone of sustainable nutrition in harmony
with nature.»


Dr. Yvonne Avaro is a marketing expert, consumer researcher and consultant for sustainability for companies in Switzerland. She is also a lecturer at the university, where she introduces her students to the world of marketing with a special focus on sustainability marketing. She is a participant in the Homeward Bound sustainable leadership program

For you personally, sustainability means making better decisions for your environment and the environment on a daily basis. The dimension of sustainability must also be built into daily business decisions to achieve the goal of preserving our planet for our children.


Yvonne Avaro

Dr. Yvonne Avaro

Ursula Teubert

Ursula Teubert

Ronny Jahnel

Ronny Jahnel